Which CPAP Machine Should I Buy?

Sleep apnea machines play a vital role in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The machine is used to provide continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP therapy. In this therapy, the sleep apnea machine introduces air that is pressurized to your throat. This air keeps your airway open when you are asleep so that you do not experience interruptions in your breathing.

Your doctor will prescribe for you a machine that you are to use and the air pressure that is to be set on the machine. There is however a large variety of sleep apnea machines for sale and you should therefore shop around to get a suitable one.

Which CPAP Machine Should I Use?

In the prescription that the doctor will give you, he may indicate whether you need a fixed pressure, automatic pressure or BiPAP machine. A fixed pressure machine provides you with same amount of air pressure throughout the therapy. The automatic pressure machine will vary the pressure; for instance, when it detects a blockage in your airway, it increases the pressure. It will then reduce the pressure when your breathing normalizes.

A bi-level positive airway pressure or BiPAP machine provides the required pressure when you breathe in but reduces the pressure when you breathe out. This enables you to take in more air into your lungs.

Which CPAP Mask Is Most Comfortable?

Most of the sleep apnea machines for sale that you will come across are sold together with a tube which is normally six feet in length. The tube transmits the pressurized air to a mask which you wear over your nose and mouth or over your nose only. The full face mask is suitable when you have a nasal congestion. It is also ideal if you normally breathe through your mouth when sleeping and if you prefer to sleep on your back.

The nasal mask covers the nose and normally has a cushion that is made from either gel or silicone. This mask does not deliver pressurized air directly to the nose but the air surrounds your nose. You therefore end up breathing almost normally without feeling the pressure of the air.

This mask is suitable if you normally breathe through your nose and if you do not have any nasal congestion or a deviated septum. The nasal cushion is placed on the edge of the nostrils and therefore delivers the pressurized air directly. This mask is ideal if you are to use a low pressure and if you do not want an obstruction in your vision.

Features To Consider In A CPAP Machine

Since there are a wide range of sleep apnea machines for sale, it is important to look out for some features which can enhance the effectiveness and comfort of your treatment. The ramp feature is very helpful if your doctor has prescribed that you use a high pressure. When a machine has the ramp feature, it will initially deliver the air at a low pressure and gradually increase the pressure to the required level. This will help you to comfortably adjust your breathing to accommodate the increased pressure. Your doctor may also require you to use a machine that can capture data such as your hypopnea pattern.